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We’re offering our self-published titles for Spiritual Health and Self-Care in eBook and audio versions. You’ll get Cultivating the Light Body and our Keys to Grace eBooks and audio downloads for the special price of $36 ($20 discount from individual product purchase).

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Cultivating the Light Body

by Patrick MacManawayclbDigitalcollection
eBook & Audio

Meditations that fit into the modern world to help you:

  • Restore and energize your core vital energies,
  • Renew your self-awareness and creativity, and
  • Refresh and clarify your mind, body, and spirit.

Profound, simple, and effective, this 3-part self-awareness program was developed over 20 years of working with hundreds of students. It is designed as a reliable practice for self-healing, spiritual health, and energetic maintenance and management. These meditations will:

  • Move you into your heart,
  • Renew your light body, and
  • Define your right relationship with the world.

Listen to the intro by Patrick

Keys to Grace

ktgDigitalcollectionBy Patrick MacManaway
eBook & Audio

All of us deeply desire to be truly happy and to have our lives be a rich tapestry of loving and creative relationships. We also know that our life reflects our spirit and the attitude that we project into the world. We may slide on a scale from delight to despair in a single day. There are many paths to aligning our mind, attitude, and spirit toward our most happy and fulfilled experience. This book takes a very simple and easily understood approach. It provides you with quick, effective exercises to put into practice right away to help you become increasingly present–living your most natural, creative, happy, and effective self.

Giulia Holland accompanies Patrick on the audio version of the book.

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