Video Courses

Patrick has participated in two video series, available her for purchase, one set from the Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy, and one from The Sacred Science Team – enjoy !

NESFS Presentation Shot

Video presentations available for sale from the Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy:

Subtle Energies and Dowsing on Farm and Garden
A review of experiments, successes and strategies arising…
2 hours
Subtle Energies and Dowsing in Agriculture
A review of experiments, successes and strategies arising…
a day long workshop.
Keys to Grace and the Art of Blessing
how to enter and maintain our personal state of grace and work daily miracles…
3.5 hours
Patrick has extensive experience of working with dowsing and subtle energies on farms in the US, UK and Australia, increasing yields, fertility and health of crops and livestock. Green Fingers and plant-whispering can come out of the greenhouse and garden and go to work in the fields…
Patrick has developed and refined the use of subtle energies and extended sensory awareness techniques to work creatively with Nature Spirit intelligence and enhance resilience and fertility in soils, crops and livestock.

Results to date have included:

  • 20% increase in wheat and potato yield
  • 45% increase in sorghum yield
  • 50% reduction in calf mortality
  • 60% reduction in mastitis
  • increased numbers of beneficial insects present
  • increased frost resistance in early crops

One-Day Presentation on Subtle Energies and Agriculture, Canadian Questers’ Conference. click here

Exploring the Power of the Energy Body – The Sacred Science Team

A video production interviewing 18 different healers and inviting their insights on the nature and workings of the energy body –

Interviews with Patrick can be watched at

The full set of interviews are available to purchase from The Sacred Science Web Site here:

“For thousands of years, cultures from all over the world have understood the potential of the subtle forces that live within each one of us. There is rich mythology that describes the origins of this energy healing tradition, but the most important fact is that IT WORKS.”

Sacred Science Team