Energy Healing Program – The Sacred Science Team

I am delighted and grateful to have been included in a new program called The Sacred Science of Energy Healing – a video library of 18 healers sharing their core understandings/ insights / techniques.

You can click HERE to access The Sacred Science Team’s website and related page, and learn about all the healers involved and the modalities that are covered.

The program features 17+ hours of material including introductory exercises, meditations and fireside chat talks from multiple healing modes and traditions, both ancient and modern. All of them are simple, yet powerful techniques when practiced and applied.

Click HERE  to learn more about the full program.



  • Tristan Truscott

    Qi Gong – Movement Medicine
  • Clare Hedin

    Sound & Music Healing
  • Laura Brown

    Womb Wellness
    Fertility Guidance
    Herbal Medicine
  • Ling Chen

    Acutonics Sound Healing
    Eden Energy Medicine
  • Dailey Little

    Reiki – EGYPTIAN healing
    ANCESTRAL healing
  • Maryna Allan

    EDEN ENERGY medicine
  • Illana Berger

    sacred contracts
    zen buddhism
  • Jamie McHugh

  • Oliver Chu

    qi gong – TAI CHI
  • Patrick MacManaway

    shamanic blessing
  • Jill Gregory

    Yoga – Reiki
    Chakra Clearing Acupressure
  • Ewa Litauer

    reiki – yoga
  • Rachael Webb

    crystal healing
    sacred geometry
    cord cutting
  • Steve Barker

    tai chi
    neiyang gong
    qi gong
  • John Benko

    Open Heart Meditation
    Reiki Tummo
    Natural Walking
  • Lucy Grace Yaldezian

    tat acupressure
  • Tamara Nakhjavani

    reiki – QI GONG – Eft
  • Alan Waugh

    Shamanic healing & journeying
    Shamanic apprenticeships
    Shamanic Reiki