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Cultivating Your Light Body

Cultivating the Light Body Meditation
Cultivating the Light Body Meditation


Patrick MacManaway is a third generation practitioner of psychic arts and healing practice, and has evolved and crafted a program of core energy balancing, clearing and strengthening exercises as a grounding for students before progressing to more advanced study.

The Core Program is a practical guide to keeping your vitality and brightness through the journey of everyday – with a twinkle in your eyes at all times…

Simple, accessible, easy to practice and effective, this program is designed for you to personalize and tailor to your own unique preference and greatest benefit.

The Core Practices are presented as a three part programme on CD and mp3 download.

The accompanying handbook, which includes the meditation texts as well as an explanation and graphic illustrations of the Light Body, is available as either a print copy or an e-book download.

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